Behold, Bonang!

Seeing her would probably be the best thing to ever happen to a woman (women) who look up to her, being the wunderkind that she is; Bonang Queen ‘B’ Matheba.

Bonang is an extraordinaire, mogul and business woman who has touched a lot of women’s (and men, believe it or not) lives by influencing, motivating and entertaining them nationally and internationally, myself included. I aspire to have the courage and ability to keep it together like her when things seem to be going downhill, not only does she do it to sustain her reputation in the public eye, but also because of how strong she is as a woman.

We all have different and unique goals and dreams, some people dream of becoming successful business owners, but before that could happen, they have considered all necessities to implement realistic and doable business ideas. Bonang had, if not similar dreams and aspirations, but what she had to offer was what made it possible for her to be approached by different businesses and business brands, which eventually resulted in her becoming a brand herself.

Women of great stature are powerful, hold it down so as not to break, keep it professional and ultimately, keep a low profile, of which Queen B excels spontaneously… but this does not mean that now and then she does not put on a show for us, how do you think the Queen came about popularising phrases such as ‘Champagne, darling’ and ‘Ke December, go monate mo’, mmh? The ‘nice’ thing about this is that she was not even aware of her verbal inventions.

I’m going to be very candid with you right now, I do not comprehend at all, in fact it blows my mind that (from what I’ve read and visuals that I’ve seen on social media), most people detest her. Could be reasons that I am not aware of, preferences, et cetera… but, why not ‘not like’ her from afar, yet take tips on how to make it in life from her, I mean, I’ve realised that it is not the elderly who do not ‘like’ her, but younglings, which is ridiculously saddening. But then again, what is a roar of success without a little animosity?

Yes, to be fair, we all have someone, (sometimes more than one) who we look up to and keep up with their daily life as in most cases, they would motivate and inspire us to make better choices about our career paths. It usually helps when one jots down some of what was said by the very role model. Bonang speaks so much life and soul in most interviews held by hosts in reality TV shows. I get gooseflesh every time she comes on because more often than not, she makes the most basic, profound, yet if practised, life changing points. Guys, it is amazing, truly so.

Our paths in life are different, that is something that cannot be changed, but you cannot bribe your way to succession, it takes time, effort and sacrifices, sleepless nights, less friends, more room for /and being mindful of people who will only elevate you. I only point these factors out because I am basing them on how Bonang has done so well for herself, because of complete focus, keeping her eye on the prize, wasting no time and as an outcome, became successful at a very young age, but no pressure, of course, because time does not determine success, still use whatever resource you can to get things done so that when you place your head on your pillow at night for those three hours, it will only be so to plot and embark on your next move of fixing and bettering your life. This is not a naïve statement; she may have needed to pull some strings here and there to mould herself into the person that she is today, but all that I know is that she has worked very hard to make ends meet and to make a name for herself.

I could literally go on for hours, days and years even about how imperial and intriguing Bonang is, but how about I just leave it all here and have you pick your brain about what you have just read!?


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