Celebrity Misfortunes

I find it extremely magnificent and quite frankly, beautiful, that people who have to deal with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression on a daily basis are the same people who have it in them to make others feel good about themselves… Oookay, what is that? What is that all about? How is it possible that people who fight demons in their heads every single day have the ability to make other people laugh?

Why? Because, so much is going on in their heads, so much is misunderstood by many, and so much is kept together all in the name of not ‘falling apart’ and displaying a facade is how they get through each day.

Well, believe it or not, it also happens to these public figures who are perceived as perfect, who live lavish lives without a care in the world and appear to have it all together… these people are also known as ‘celebrities’. Please allow me to walk you through it all and tell you why;

Let’s see, what I can gather from that is the fact that they know how it feels like to be alone, they know how it feels like to be ‘outcasts’, they know how it feels like to be rejected or feel like they are not good enough for anything… so an escape plan has to be them keeping to themselves, of which can be a result of self-loathing, self-worthlessness, even self-harm.

Before their professions, they are people, they have feelings, and it happens that they also struggle with mental illnesses. So, I have decided to shed some light on how celebrities who suffer from depression and anxiety have the ability to step up on stage and entertain people. The manner in which some use the horror experiences from their childhood, adversity and all that they had to go through as a testament that it is still ‘okay’ to laugh and make light of a situation that once tore them down.

The likes of TV personalilty; Salamina Mosese, South African comedian who now resides in the United States of America; Trevor Noah, TV presenter; Lalla Hirayama, TV personality; Minnie Dlamini and rapper; iFani all have had to live lives full of misery due to their troublesome thoughts.

But you know what is ridiculously ‘outstanding’ about society? Being judgemental, indifferent, disingenuous, unhelpful and even finding it amusing when someone who is mentally unwell tries to speak up. It is why people refuse to step out of their houses, it is why they push others away, it is why they stop socialising with their friends because those ‘friends’ call them ‘crazy’ and utter words like ‘snap out of it!’, it is why they question their existence… it is positively revolting!

Despite their successful careers, most celebrities are faced with these major mental illnesses, and it’s not always that they ask for the world or anything along those lines because you’d be surprised how just lending an ear could remedy what a psyche ward could not. And so, again, I ask; how is it possible that people who have trouble silencing uninvited thoughts have the capability of entertaining other human beings? Honestly, it is one of rarest and inexplicable gifts that anyone can possess.


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