Covid-19, Level 3.

With the Corona Virus still managing to lurk in large amounts daily, confusion, impatient whiffs and disagreements from South Africans to the president’s decisions have tensions running high. Regarding his recent speech that the #alcoholban should be lifted (as long as you drink from home) and that tobacco/ cigarettes should still be prohibited caused a major uproar on and off social media. This means that the nation is not satisfied with the decision to allow alcohol sales and not that of tobacco.

It’s inevitable that the virus will continue to spread throughout all parts of the country fully, well, supposing that it’ll spread even more like wildfire as soon as liquor stores open for trade after approximately two months of zero business. Now, isn’t it rhetorical to ask if whether people will comply to the rules that’ll be made in order to allow alcohol purchases? Will the 1,5 – 2metres distance in the queues be adhered to? How will the limitations of purchase to consumers turn out? It’s not 100% practiced when purchasing food and other NECESSARY products…So imagine alcohol.

Mining, manufacturing, construction, financial services, information technology, media services and the likes are already operating, but other social gatherings; be it Churches, restaurants, gyms and even hair salons did not receive a thumbs up from the president and classes at schools will resume only for grade 7's and 12's (Matriculants) from the first of June, 2020. No one really knows how that one will work. Mentioned shortly after was the resumption of all public universities to continue studies remotely.

All of this is underway in #Level3 #LockdowninSA being the first of June, 2020… meaning that there’ll be more movement, more ruckus and definitely more spread of #Covid-19. A survival of the fittest kind of thing, if you ask me. It has been mentioned by the president and health officials that it’ll get extensively worse, before it gets better, so ‘extreme measures’ such as disinfecting surfaces, sanitizing hands or washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds should commence daily, to try and limit or for lack of better words, delay any possible interactions with the virus… #Staysafe #Stayalert to #StayfreeofCoronaVirus


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