Covid-19 Made Fashionable

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, it hasn’t been a breeze to shop with ease or even purchase that particular outfit that you’ve either eyed before #Lockdown or that you had seen whilst browsing the internet in the comfort of your own home during #Lockdown. It’s hard enough to make a completely satisfying decision when picking out an outfit at a clothing outlet and now having limited time to do so and knowing that most outlets have restricted consumers to fit clothes in store, is twice the nightmare.

We’re all struggling to adapt to the #newnormal, it’s a struggle to move from one place to another, especially when you need to, and not once did we think that it might affect the need of clothes. With fashion designers, their brands and the figures working for them to push through the sales of their designs are also at a #fashionstandstill, it’s a bit tricky to get the desired fashion inspiration as models have no chance to walk the runway hence most are back home under quarantine.

But, undeniably so, many creatives, including fashion designers; together with the models around the world are ‘chirping’ the situation by making ‘protective face gear’, or masks that match their outfits. They’ve given some fashion tips on how to stay chic in the actual event of a pandemic whilst remaining hygienic and cautious of their immediate surroundings. Most have taken to social media to showcase their glamourous masks. These face masks are all different, serve the same purpose, yes, but differ in colour, size, material and of course, costs.

It certainly isn’t fun for anyone, because a pandemic cannot be perceived as fashionable, but many public figures who are not only in the lines of fashion, but modern lifestyle presenting, social media influencers who endorse fashion ethics et cetera, have deemed it necessary to emphasize the importance of easing panic by pointing out how to cope ‘fashionably’ for those who actually take a shower and instead of jumping back in their pyjamas, they make time to put together an outfit that make them feel a lot better, take a couple of photographs, post them on social media, caption and #hashtag them, without knowing it, inspiring someone else who has also had a beating from the current global circumstance.


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