Dear self!

Dear self;

Alright, so, how do I begin to break this self-inspired ‘self-love’ definition down?

Let’s see. Self-love means nothing more than just simply living your best life loving yourself. It’s you constantly rooting for yourself, telling yourself how great of a person you are, how compassionate to yourself and others you are.

I’ve come to realise that by being good to myself, speaking good to and of myself makes me feel good about myself… with that being said, the kind of love that you generate for yourself by yourself is an actual result that if it ever happens that ‘the important to you people’ quit giving you ‘love’, or have left you for other people, you have accumulated such a dominant and rigid portion of love for yourself that them leaving leaves no void or feels of hollowness within you because the very important place to seek love first before anywhere else, is within you.

Honestly speaking, self-love has nothing to do with pleasing other people, but, bettering the person that you were yesterday. I mean, it is such a beautiful thing to recognise your mistakes, rectify and learn from them and then grow a much mellower human being.

Self-introspection and self-construction should help you build a stronger, independent connection and relationship with your inner-self. Having to confront yourself about whom you truly are, what you are about and how well you get along with yourself is a reflection of the positive attributes that you present to those who choose to be around you.

Remaining positive in uncomfortable predicaments is a sign of self-love, self-respect and distinctive kindness to your own mind… of course, it is sorely difficult sometimes to remain positive, but think of it this way; when you remain calm and positively trying to keep it together, you are also keeping your mind relaxed, you are showing it love and less destructive thoughts, you are showing yourself love, whatever the wretched situation presented before you.

Another important thing is that, when you are persistent/ perseverant, you will accomplish the things that contribute to ‘your living’ your life happily and lovingly so on your own, you will never feel the need to need the presence of people who are ‘there for you’ but have no shame in treating you like disposables or those who usually just ‘check on you’ when it suits them, because the way you carry yourself should be good enough to help you move on from anything or anyone that makes you feel less of yourself and remove the negativity that other people may present to you… you know why? Let me tell you; your purpose in life should truly consist of taking care of yourself first, this includes your mental health, your emotions, how you live your life, and loving yourself unconditionally… so, I’ll just say it one last time; self-love is being yourself in the best possible way and most definitely the best thing you could ever do for yourself.


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