Freshly Paved Ways.

See, more often than not, we as people; our main focus is to ‘succeed’ or ‘make it’ in life, we wake up every morning to prepare for the day ahead, make decisions of what priority(s) comes first, at what cost(s) and how it will convenience us all in the name of having a brighter future. But, there are other people out there who wake up in the morning to lend a helping hand to others just so that they can accomplish what they strive to thrive on.

And so, Thato Sikwane, who is also known as DJ Fresh, believes in students who pride themselves in doing exceptionally well and beyond. He and Boston City Campus and Business College had given away 23 bursaries to 23 young people who had to produce very good, worthy and deserving to be given bursaries motivational letters. The main initiative for the bursaries being 23 was to celebrate the 23 years that he has been a radio DJ and his association with Boston City Campus and Business College.

Anyway, anyone was cordially invited to apply, it was a very easy process as long as the applicants understood that the requirements were that you must have been fresh from high school with a Matric certificate, not presently enrolled as a student and their motivational letters should not exceed 230 words. I mean, in order to stand out from the crowd, one has to mention why they feel or think that they deserve the chance that is brought upon them, make sense of what you say/ mean, do not go overboard, give valid reasons, use proper and understandable language, right? And just for interests sake; the word ‘Fresh’ has a lot of meanings, actually, but in this instance, it means brand new, versatile, wholesome and innovative.

The DJ studied at Boston Media House right before he went on to accomplish a successful career in the entertainment industry, he makes TV appearances now and then, is involved in social upliftment organisations and is definitely one of the most generally desired DJ's throughout the whole of Africa.

I genuinely believe that making a difference in people’s lives should not only be seen as that; ‘making a difference’, but rather the extra mile that the person given the chance goes, the determination, the willingness to go all out and not take it all for granted. In a way, that is how you give thanks to the person who has helped you pull through to carve your future in a way that you feel you deserve.

This blog post may have derived from an old event, being three years ago, to be precise (June - July, 2015), but the point of its purpose is to give credit where it’s due because people’s lives were changed right there and then and I can tell you right now that with all that I have written here, not only is DJ Fresh a successful DJ by profession, but also by stretching his hand and helping others see potential in themselves. So, my understanding of the word, ‘success’, does not always mean an enormous house, a car and a fat cheque account, but also, knowing that some people succeed by helping others succeed.


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