Heavenly Bodies.

How liberating is the knowledge of witnessing beauty almost every night? The fact that you have the opportunity to glance or have an actual full eye-feast up above you at night has to be something that you take enormous advantage of, because that is the only ‘upper’ that you can dream of with your eyes open.

To be fully happy, you have to have something instilled within you, deep within your soul, your entire inner has to sparkle whenever that, what makes you happy appears before you, above you or perhaps, just crosses your mind.

I speak of the moon and the divine beauties… stars, which light up the sky at night in different sizes, directions and colours. These are what make me happy. Truly so, most days I would literally wait until the clock strikes eight in the evening and then go outside for two-three hours just to stare at the moon and stars. I have no actual preference or favourite phase of the moon; they are all too significantly magnificent, tell their own mood-story and as a whole, an inner-life companion.

Moon Phases just refers to the different appearances of the Moon as seen from Earth. There are eight main phases of the moon: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. These phases repeat themselves about once every 29.5 days.

Interesting facts about the moon:

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon align, an eclipse occurs.

During a new moon phase, the moon looks as though it disappears, but actually the Sun is shining on the opposite side of it.

If you were able to travel by car to the moon, it would take you around 130 days to get there.

Sometimes during the month of February, there is no full moon phase.

When there is more than one full moon in one month, it is referred to as a Blue moon.

Because tides are related to the gravitational pull of the moon, more tide activity occurs during a full moon.

What really gives me goose-flesh is the flickery /glittery stars that somewhat look like disco lights. Hands down, those are the stars that make a person believe in magic.

Interesting facts about the stars:

Stars have great significance, because they navigate /guide us when it is dark.

The sun is the most important star as it makes life possible, and without it, life would not exist. When you look up at the night sky, you may think that the stars look like little white lights; but if you look carefully and closely enough, you will see that some of them are yellowish, some bluish and others reddish.

You can tell by a star's colour how hot or cold it is.

The bluish stars die off over a period of a few hundred million years, but the reddish ones continue to shine for billions of years. Therefore, as a star cluster ages, its colour gradually shifts from blue to red.

The oldest, reddest star clusters ever found are over 10 billion years old.

If you were to give yourself some time to look up at the night-sky, you would see that some stars can move gradually (because it is far from you, it will appear slow moving and small) from one spot and only stop at another. The manageable way to find Orion the Hunter (or Belt of Orion, also known as the Three Sisters or Three Kings, which is an asterism in the constellation Orion) is to go outside and look a tat higher in the Southwest sky if you are in the Northern hemisphere, or the North Western sky if you are in the Southern hemisphere. If you live near the equator, he will be visible in the Western sky.

As much as social media bring us ‘closer’, it also set us apart. A typical example; idling hours away on Facebook and Instagram may not necessarily benefit you satisfyingly as the night-sky would, unless and only if you have something worth wasting your time on, on those sites, grasping and absorbing helpful or educational content. Maybe the above statement is a bit confusing and off-ramping, but its purpose is that there is tons that can be discovered, discussed and debated about the night-sky leaving us lot having learnt new information, and maybe even find out more interesting facts about our gleaming night-sky.

What is even more fascinating is that you can never learn enough, because the more new information you receive, the more you feel like you know nothing. That is something worth getting goose-flesh about, that is how I believe that the night-sky knows all of our secrets.

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