Hobbies over Cars.

Being a ‘bookworm’ is food for the brain, yes, but is it so good that you actually have to lose a lot of money to purchase more ‘enticing’ books? Well, it seems so, because nothing beats digging into the latest best-seller, especially within a like-minded group of people who want to discuss the plot over an ample spread. And that is just it; with book clubs, you are never just reading, you are living!

But books can, actually not ‘can’, it is a clean fact that books, especially good reads like ‘The Force’, ‘Nuts and Bolts’ and ‘The Accidental Sales Manager’ are ridiculously expensive, much more expensive if you have a collection of such, and this may mean that all of them put together, would cost a lot more than a rather simple car, which of course is able to take you from one point to another.

Do not despair, because about 75% of the worlds’ population love reading books more than doing any other thing at any time of the day, readers may be, in terms of fiction or non-fiction, be direct readers to get the stories to broaden their understanding of the world or to get through a sticking point in their lives. Those who read have been known to have more finely-tuned brains than those who prefer more passive activities, so anyone who is hoping to improve their mind both psychologically and cognitively, might want to make reading a special hobby.

People buy tons of books, which cost a fortune when you actually think about it, and it is not that they do it to just have a collection, hence ‘hobby’, no, but to have a more varied range of words to express their feelings, and get their point across. This increases exponentially with the more volumes that they consume, giving them a higher level of vocabulary to use in everyday life.

Unlike blog posts and news articles, sitting down with a read takes long periods of focus and concentration. Being fully engaged in a book involves closing off the outside world and immersing yourself into the text. It is outrageously surprising how books can actually cost more than a car, because once you get addicted to reading, the more books, of an even better rank you will purchase.

This is both a good and bad hobby, because it may delay your ‘need’ of buying a car when you actually, and absolutely need to buy it, but then again, reading is an excellent hobby because it gives you the chance to consume huge amount of research in a relatively short amount of time, and, also heavy readers intend to display greater knowledge of how things look and who or what people are. Having a car is a 60% chance of a necessity, yes, it helps one run very important responsibilities and also one’s private and comfortable possession, but reading is luxury for one’s brain. That is why you would find that such a hobby is more costly than a car.


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