Interview Appropriate.

What you need to wear to your interview isn’t going to change based on the weather. As much as you might like to wear khaki shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals to your interview, business casual doesn’t include shorts or sandals, unless you are interviewing for a summer job at a resort or the beach.

If your interview requires business clothing, the strategy is similar, meaning a skirt, slacks or a dress is sure to invest. A lightweight blazer with a dress is going to be your coolest choice. A jacket with slacks or a skirt, offers you the opportunity to wear a silk shell, which looks professional and will keep you comfortable. Shells come in many shapes and colours, allowing you to change your look for different interviews without having to invest in numerous suits. Leg-wear is a necessary part of the package, as are closed toe pumps.


During the summer, as well as other times of the year, there are a few things to remember;

Women need to make sure that their skirts are of subtle length, when sitting as well as standing and their blouses are not cut too low. Do not overdo your make-up as achieving a ‘no make-up look’ is the goal. Stay away from heavy fragrances.

Make sure that your shoes shine, and your clothes are pressed. Your portfolio or briefcase containing your curriculum vitae, notepad and working pen must be present as well.

Regardless of the weather, take the time to pay careful attention to all the details of your interview outfit. This is your best opportunity to make that all important great first impression.


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