Kay TheGreat.

Not only is Kay TheGreat a rising South African rapper, but he is a composer of great music as well.

It surely must have been an incredible realisation for Koketso Thage, who goes by the stage name ‘Kay TheGreat’, to have instantly picked up that he is ‘the great’ at the tender age of six when he began to sing… which also, is his strongest memory of his childhood.

The upcoming star from the outskirts of Pretoria, Hammanskraal, is one to look out for as he’s thrilled to be dropping his innovative and youthful album Call Me The Greatest Or Don’t Call Me At All soon this month of July.

He lives an inspirational life, which is drawn from a real-life situation; being his grandmother’s death which whom he was greatly close with, better than his own mother. At that time, he was only nine years old. It was then, when it hit him that life is too short, unpredictable and should be lived completely to the fullest… even today, Kay TheGreat strives to live his life the best way he possibly can.

Having learnt about him and his music, Kay TheGreat reckons that in his experience, not many people would tell him straight up what they think of his craft, because they are scared… which is the opposite of empowerment, I mean, if you think that an artist is slightly far from the right track, reel them back in by giving positive feedback and enlighten them on where/ how they can improve. With that being said, the best piece of advice that Kay TheGreat has ever received is that he should "always desire to be great at whatever that he does".

Kay TheGreat has evolved from making Hip Hop beats and making records off them, to actually producing great quality music because his favourite art work is just that; music. I am almost a hundred percent certain that a lot of musicians feel extra good and always look forward to do more of what they do when they get recognition and meaningful criticism… this is exactly what happened to Kay TheGreat when he performed a musical audition and got told by Zingah, (a famous South African rapper) that his music is good and also when he got cheered on by a music composer that mediocre is not celebrated. Honestly, you cannot not agree after listening to his hit singles.

His upcoming project, CMTGODCMAA (Call Me The Greatest Or Don’t Call Me At All) is to be launched this year, and he has waited all his life and is too psyched to bring it to life because he believes that he has found his niche through it. So the way I see it, the future looks pretty great for Kay TheGreat! His ultimate goal is to be the greatest and best selling musician in South Africa and whilst at that, empowering his city, Hammanskraal.

Now, the best part is that you can discover the greatest rap music on this link; https://soundcloud.com/kaythe-greatatest release: https://soundcloud.com/kaythe-great/antimp3

You may learn more about his music, videos and more on these provided social media accounts;




And yes, you either call him "Kay TheGreat" or you don’t call him at all, because, honestly, his music is as great as he is.

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