Perils of Sports.

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

It is a known fact that many people spend so much of their time doing what they love, be it horse riding, rock climbing or bungee jumping. We have other people who invest a lot of time in other sports activities, such as football, rugby or wrestling. But, as much as these sporting activities result in a person being physically fit, good stamina and loads of energy to just keep going, there are life threatening dangers that come with being a sports junky.

Undoubtedly, there is never a complete guarantee that things cannot go wrong while indulging in an adventure sport. But after all, there is no guarantee with anything in life.

Sport is enjoyed as a diversion from many things that may be causing us stress, worry or plain depression. People find ‘relaxation’, if I may say, in playing sports, and it matters not whether it may be the reason that sometimes it may be what sends them to their graves before it is even their time as long as they get to have a good sporty time… which brings me the following perils of sports;

These are some of the medical issues that athletes may encounter:

Head injuries

A common head injury is a concussion, which is often caused by contact with an opponent, an object or a team mate. Multiple concussions may result in brain damage or death. ‘A second head injury’ can lead to a condition called second-impact syndrome. Although it does not occur very often, it still can cause lasting brain damage and even death.


Asthma is a medical problem that causes difficult airflow in and out of the lungs. Athletes with this problem may complain of coughing, difficulty breathing, which may actually result in poor performance. Exercise included, can trigger asthma.

Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps

Painful muscle cramps in the legs, back and abdomen that arise after prolonged exercise in the heat are very common. They occur mostly at the beginning of a season in athletes who are less accustomed to the heat.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a deadly condition that may occur due to too much exercise in the heat. Prolonged exercise in a hot environment is the biggest risk factor for heat stroke.

Runner's Stitch

This problem is not as dangerous but can be painful. Runner's stitch is similar to other muscle cramps and can also be caused by gastrointestinal cramping.

Participating in a sport activity can be fantastic, fun and fulfilling, yet there is a 100% chance that you might get injured in a game. So, try to protect yourself whichever way you possibly can and enjoy the best of what sports has to offer.


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