Qualifications and Degradations.

Obtaining a degree and having your family/friends celebrate outrageously, ululating and just proudly going crazy for that moment that you have been called up on stage, means everything to them because the sacrifices that were made for you to have an opportunity to study must have meant so much for your family, even may have had to put their own lives on hold just so that yours can unfold smoothly.

I say this because the truth of the matter is that parents love to see their children doing exceptionally well, better than them, even. Because it gives them the accurate idea that having sent you off to college was the best decision that they had to make. It may have inconvenienced the rest of the family financially, especially families who are not well off, financially challenged, if I may say… so looking back and acknowledging that it made such a huge difference is one of the reasons that they would cheer, sing songs of praises, perform signature dances, et cetera.

I don’t want to lie, studying is a drag, you would literally try to find other things to distract yourself with, be it wanting to do the laundry that can be put off for at least three more days, start seeing pattern-like things that caught your eye on the wall, or even start cooking when you know very well that it is unnecessary to do so. What is even more ridiculous is spending that given recess week on other things such as binge watching series, going out or just sleeping, only to find yourself regretful the last day before writing an exam, wishing that you had used the time productively on things that mattered. But that is just the ‘worst’ that could happen, because the only thing that will prevent you or make you resist doing all those, is soberly remembering why you are at that tertiary institution in the first place, all that was given up by your family for you to be there, then pulling up your socks and getting your head back in the game is what you will go at, hard.

Then again you know, in most cases, other people who have no absolute clue why you have chosen to study that certain course, at that certain tertiary institution are the first to utter discouraging or spiteful words. I mean, what happened to ‘if you have nothing good/ building to say, do not say a thing?’ Why don’t you then go study what you claim I should have went for, instead? Yes, we all want to have good jobs, and remain financially balanced. But, if that is the case at all, you will wake up to a job that kills you slowly inside, that is only if you now see it a good decision to please other people by studying what they see fit for you.

I ask you very confidently, may we live for us, may we indulge forcefully in our passions, may we pay special attention on what we wholeheartedly want to achieve and not shift our focus elsewhere, may we live unapologetic lives, and may we please study what we want (for us), do well and make our parents and ourselves proud at it? Really, may those caps, gowns, ululations, cheers and praises match what is precious to us.


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