Sports Pros, pun intended.

Let us have a conversation about the tremendously life changing experiences and opportunities that sports has offered people around the world, let us converse about how it has turned their lives from rags to riches within a split second.

Many sports stars are what they are to this present day because of what they saw from afar would be something that would literally change their lives for good as intuition, determination and drive are the ingredients which steer people to reach their ultimate potential.

We come from different backgrounds, we do different things for different reasons and often times, you find that you were only doing something because of the joy it gives you, the pure pleasure you get from doing it. Like most things, what starts off as something small may become what pays your bills at the end of each month.

So much can be learnt from sports; bouncing back from setbacks/ defeats, how to improve communities to acquire relatable sets of skills, keep troubled children off of streets and transform disadvantaged lives from all backgrounds and help them fulfil their potential.

Just so that you could have a thorough understanding of the article as a whole, here are examples of sports stars that have made names for themselves;

Steven Pienaar

Having grown up in Westbury, Johannesburg, Pienaar has opened up and has spoken about being exposed to gangsterism and poor upbringing in his early years, however, this was not something that defeated him from pursuing a football career and did not give in to external pressures as a young player. As we now know, Pienaar went on to achieve an incredibly successful career in Europe.

Raisibe Ntozakhe

Stricken and surrounded by poverty, Proteas women's off-spinner Raisibe Ntozakhe knows all about the intense difficulties of trying to make it as a professional cricketer.

She has spent most of her life in Alexandra, Gauteng, battling relentlessly to realise her dream.

The 22-year-old made her Women's One Day International cricket (WODI) debut against India in the 2017 South Africa Quadrangular Series on 9 May 2017. On 13 February 2018, She made her Women's Twenty20 International cricket (WT20I) debut for South Africa Women against India Women.

A month later, being March 2018, she was one of fourteen best players to be awarded a national contract by Cricket South Africa ahead of the 2018–19 season.

Mzwandile Stick

Stick grew up in a Port Elizabeth township with a mother who frequently struggled to put food on the table. He went to a local school in the township, gracefully worked his way to the top, captaining the Sevens team that won the World Series title in 2008-09. Stick is something of a specialist in transforming rookies into famous rugby stars, given his track record with the Eastern Province Under-19s.

Applying the process of trying to get better at what you do is relatively important as it is your primary goal. Remember, keeping your eye on the prize is the goal and focusing all of your energy directly into something that you genuinely believe will benefit you in the long run is what life is mainly all about.


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