Sporty Feels.

Have you ever realised how weirdly moving it is when people get ‘attached’ or feel connected to a number of things? May be to swimming, camping or the gym. But, nothing comes close to how football supporters can have their emotions up the roof over their favourite football team. I think that it is really fascinating that ‘regular people’ can have so much faith and wear their feelings on their sleeves over a group of people who get paid to be watched for 90 plus minutes running around on a field chasing a ball and trying to ‘score’ points against an opposing team.

To be fair, it is something that kind of lives in these people, more so like the people who are so much invested in their beloved careers; in this instance, their sporting careers. Not only does it portray their love for that particular team, but the uproar, the cheering, and the time to make time to design and wear the costumes when their favourite team plays… guys, that kind of loyalty is impeccable.

Actually, I should mention that it is not only football supporters who possess such ‘traits’, if I may… rugby, cricket, hockey, et cetera, are some of the sporting activities that supporters literally go out of their way to show their support by purchasing tickets, or pay a physical certain amount of cash just so that they would witness the greatness of their favourite sportsmen/ women.

Like I had pointed out in the first paragraph, football supporters watch the game with their emotions all over… when their team wins the match, they scream their hearts out, and will celebrate until they pass out. It gets rowdy that you would think that someone has just won the lottery or that some guy has just proposed to his girlfriend and her saying ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal is the reason why he’s losing his mind because of how ecstatic he is right now… moments later, you find out that someone is only this joyous because of a live football match that they are watching.

Then again, when it rains, it pours, so, let me just distribute ‘official’ warnings in case you have little to no clue; do not change the station when you live with someone, or have visited a friend who is a football fanatic (even when it is half time, you will regret it). Do not mess around with them when their team is heartbreakingly losing. And lastly, do not, I repeat, do not dare mock them when the team failed to score at all, equalize or even win the match as a whole, because if you do mock or make remarks that may be perceived as ‘uncalled for’, you definitely must want to die, hy?

In all honesty, all that I am saying is that, I think that it is such a special gesture when supporters show these professionals support. What is even brilliant is the acknowledgement and appreciation from the players when they let their supporters know that them making time from their busy lives to watch the game is extremely amazing. I have to respectfully admit, the involvement of these supporters is relatively intriguing because it is proof that sports is not just sports, it also entails emotions, remarkable auras, passion and lastly, let me just say; the amiable friendships formed right there and then are unbreakable.


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