Students' Abilities Versus Capabilities.

Achievements are important to us, our goals, (short-term or long-term) are what we ‘prey’ on to reach higher levels in our lives. This is nothing new or different from how students tackle things regarding their future endeavours, academic or practical life plans.

As much as the actual reason for being in Varsity is to study, become a dux and obtain your degree, do not restrict yourself too much from broadening your horizons because you may also find that you can be versatile and participate in certain activities such as those ‘exclusive poetry’ groups, choreography, sports, and other extracurricular activities… these can help you follow your true passions, learn new skills, form friendships and network professionally.

Do not be dependent or conditional upon academics alone. You would find that you are not doing so well academically, yet you excel practically, that is something that you should work on and see where it takes you. Education is of great value, it is what we need as a stepping stone for us as it gives us an idea or knowledge of our surroundings, certain places or the world as a whole. It helps us build opinions and eventually, draw our own conclusions of that, what we have acknowledged.

But, do consider your options; go for what makes your day, week, month and eventually life. If it really is books, then good for you, but if it is being part of the group from Varsity Cups Athletics, or realising that you actually have a rhythmic sense, then even better. It is rejuvenating waking up to something that you love doing. Yes, do attend lectures, do your assignments and study for your exams throughout the year, but if that course does not stick rigidly within you or brighten up your soul, switch your attention to what makes you feel alive. Empower yourself by attending what speaks to you in a ‘language’ that you lovingly and fully understand because the last thing that you would want to ever do in life is wasting money, time and energy on what tears you up inside.


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