The Last Days Of Winter.

In less than a month, we’ll be saying goodbye to the winter of 2018, but that’s no big deal… you can still embrace your beautiful self in your own unique style because the best and most important choice for you to make, is to choose an outfit that works both for your personality and comfortability.

Depending on your choice of style, your outfit will definitely have such an impact as it’ll set a certain mood and tone… and sometimes it can be tricky to pick a suitable outfit for a special outing on a cold winter’s day… why? You’d find that the sun is blazing hot, yet somehow you can definitely feel the cold breeze (understandably so).

The plan is to remain simple, yet stylish, and you cannot always be stylish if you feel that your outfit is not adhering to the cold weather out. So, provided below are easier, yet better winter clothing items that you can opt for without having to sacrifice your fashion sense.

Ten winter clothing items to invest in these last dying, yet numbing days of winter;

Cardigan, Fur scarf, puffer vest, your very favourite jeans, winter coat, sweat pants, favourite jean jacket, mittens, and lastly, a beanie or beret.

The thing about being stylish or having a great sense of style is that, it is very simple for other people to see what kind of look you go for, and it can especially ‘assign’ you in a certain ‘class’ because what you wear can say a lot about you and what kind of lifestyle you may seem to be living. But then again, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune just to manage putting together a ‘killer outfit’.

As much as I get excited, really inspired and so in love with the winter season, I’m also terrified of how it requires one to try and keep warm for plus-minus five months so as not to die in the freezing cold. The good news is that, time moves incredibly fast and funny enough, people become more alive and efficient with their daily duties, either at work or home. I truly believe that having to be a part of all of that is amazing!

Putting together an outfit that you’ll finally (after such a long time of scuffling and questioning which to go with) feel comfortable in is an actual achievement because when you take that one last look in the mirror before stepping out, you will feel good, feel ready for the day and of course, having kept warm and cosy, because in the end, making a statement goes hand in hand with being happy and comfortable about with what you have on! The ‘end’ is a little too far, so in the meantime, how about you live out your winter days in your simplistic, fun and versatile style?


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