The Silent Killers Effect.

It begins as a minor issue, you know, and if not ‘confronted’, it may build into something that will have a hold on you. And so, ‘you are what you think’, because what you give ‘the upper hand’ to has power over you, remember that. I say so because what you think daily, makes you. It may mould you to become a better person or one of the worst. As a person, you should be careful and cultivate the power of selecting your thoughts. I think the main reason for this article is because we are people; we have feelings, we go through a lot, experience a lot of hardships and things going wrong more than they should. Most people go through great depression, anxiety and futility which grow into a trap that they cannot break away from.

For instance, depression, which to my understanding, is a state of low mood that can affect a person's thoughts, feelings and behaviour; it is one of the major factors of suicide. Depression among teenagers is also a definite cause of increased smoking, drug abuse, obesity, and social impairment.

Anxiety is depression’s very close cousin, meaning that it is an emotion whereby one is experiencing an unpleasant state of turmoil internally, often followed by nervousness, such as contemplation, pacing back and forth, intense need of being alone, (indoors, away from people/civilization).

It is a feeling of uneasiness and worry over frightful events. Anxiety is not entirely like fear, but when one is faced with it (fear), they are prone to experience physical reactions that are explained under anxiety. And, of-course, fear can cause anxiety and vice versa.

This goes back to learning how to control your thoughts. It is not easy; it is not something that will stop happening overnight, no. Thinking negatively every day plays a horrendous role in your life, meaning that you are beginning to let your soul and entire being manifest the absolute course thoughts which will have a longer, lingering effect upon your well-being.

Yes, there are places of professional help, but what happens when you crack and feel like you do not feel any different? Suffering from depression and other mental illnesses is a serious issue, it needs to be addressed, but how does one open up when society does not perceive it as a life threatening illness? Will society then take a stand against it after people suffering from it commit suicide or indulge in self-harm? Why is it thought of to be less of an illness? I mean, if a person can take their own life as a result of wanting to silence the mental torture that they are going through, why is it not taken seriously? Being a lot more sensitive and considerate should go a long way, honestly.

I’m quickly going to mention a few factors that contribute to mental illnesses

Life events:

Whereas adversity in childhood, such as being disregarded, physical and sexual abuse, and perhaps unequal treatment of siblings. Life changes that may also result in a depressed mood are financial problems, stress (work, family or living conditions), bullying, separation et cetera.

Gender identity and sexuality:

People who are bashed or cast down due to either their gender identity or sexual orientation are likely to be depressed.


Difficulty concentrating, low self-esteem, appetite and sleep interruptions.

What to do?

There are solutions to mental illnesses, there are very good gateways like antidepressant medications which may be prescribed to help treat both conditions. Exercising; this can also help both depression and anxiety disorders. Exercise releases chemicals in the body that make you feel good, and it can help you relax. Taking just a 10-minute walk may lighten symptoms for several hours. It is best to try and programme your mind to think lighter, implement relaxation techniques, which include practicing meditation and mindfulness. Both can ease symptoms of both anxiety and depression and improve your quality of life. Also, there are organisations that offer mental health services; which may be a hospital, a support group, time out to bond with people who have the same problem, meditation, music (yes, music), I promise you that if you crank out your favourite tunes that make you feel good about yourself, it somewhat helps a lot.

I can only say so much, but I shall conclude with is; May we please look out for one another, check up on one another and take the time to make time hearing one another because in all honesty, being ‘healthy’ begins psychologically.


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