Upcoming Musicians.

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Music is food for the soul; it is there for us whenever we feel like we deserve an hour’s worth of a time-out, maybe even longer, depending on the type, it is there to distract ourselves from everyday stressful situations because somehow we feel like more often than not, bad things happen more than they should. Music connects people; a friendship can blossom right there because of two strangers who happen to have the same taste in music, it is a diversion that can literally change your mood from ‘bored’ to ‘chipper’ before you even know it… the point is, music can elevate your soul in a matter of seconds, specifically feel good music.

Sometimes, you find that it is not every time that the biggest of musical sensations hit the spot, but the local and upcoming musicians in your very community. I am certain that we all know someone or even a band that is extremely talented in their production of music and they go all out to try and surface their craft out there. Well, it is important to support local talent. I say this because when these rising stars get the appropriate exposure, they will make it their top priority to prove themselves better and bring nothing but outstanding sounds to the table.

It is artists like these who have to work extra hard, stay up late every night to produce better music than their previous, whilst at that, remain consistent. Honestly, it is a great feeling when you listen to a song and you truly feel that the lyrics resonate. You would be surprised as to how the rhythmic beats go immensely well with the lyrics, or that you find yourself repeating that chorus for what seems like forever… hell, you might find yourself repeating the same songs over and over again because you seriously cannot get enough of them… which is why I found it compelling to feature local and upcoming artists on my website. Supporting them is really important because of the challenging market in mainstream music of the modern age, and that is why local musicians are becoming more talented, creative and diverse.

These musicians have the potential to change the face of music because of the competition that surrounds the industry, and thanks to the internet and social media, it has become easier for aspiring musicians to put themselves out there… and so, each month, I will feature one upcoming artist, writing a bit about their background, their music and what their craft means to them. I will also provide links to their music so that you can enjoy the talent that South Africa has to offer.

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