Winter Loving.

Truly, I love the winter season for quite a lot of reasons, but here’re my best five… one, be it a tat chilly or unbearably cold, people do actually know how to make ordinary winter outfits look tremendously stunning by adding a certain item of clothing which makes the whole outfit stand out, two, time moves insanely fast, three, a lot of work gets done quicker as people do not have their feet touching the ground, four, the love for soups gets fonder every day, and lastly, you can never make yourself enough cups of coffee/ tea. It is indeed an incredible sight to ever witness.

Well, what is even better is the manner in which a lot of people, especially those who literally regard picking a great winter outfit as a mini job before heading out to work (this only applies when your profession has no actual dress code, in other words, you are allowed to wear whatever that you may please, as long as it is professional, formal and presentable for the work place) can without a doubt put together clothes that may not necessarily match, but achieve a look that is most definitely an eye catcher. The likes of furry gloves, may be of a neutral colour(s), a beanie that adds a bit of flair, (woman)/ sleek (man), and an accessory to add that final classy and professional look.

Let us not dwell too much on what we wear at work in winter, I mean, there’s also places that people visit in their free time from work. Because, winter or not, we still want to go out for a bite/ dinner, catch a movie with friends, and most certainly, drinks later… yes, ice cold beers and shots, at night in the cold.

But, before all these can be done, we still have to dress up according to the specific season being winter, right? So, depending on how cold it exactly is, you can promptly throw something on to both keep you warm and comfortable before stepping out of the house. For instance, a long sleeve shirt, cover that with a turtle neck (oh, jah, turtle necks made a swift come back this winter, how exciting is that?), skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings, which quite honestly, are never happy if they are not tucked inside ankle boots. If you are bold enough, substitute those for stripper boots, after all, you have to feel comfortable in your outfit, touch all these up with that almost tight fitting coat that completes both the upper and lower section of the outfit. Men have always looked dapper in their killer, yet casual and comfortable look, which is usually also a long cotton sleeve shirt, paired with a jean jacket, favourite jeans and either your favourite winter boots or those sneakers shoes that you so love to wear especially in winter. That is how you will be sure to have an epic time out without having to worry about going home late in the cold.

Going out may be big fun, yes, but then again, there are times where you choose to enjoy your winter days indoors with a book on your lap, and a hot steaming cup of coffee/ tea, you know? I may be fairly mistaken, but a chapter or two of a really good book should only be read in a totally quiet place, where you know that your mind is not obstructed by anything, really, this includes what you would be wearing at the time. So keep it simple; hy? Sweat shirt, sweat pants and stay even warmer by wrapping yourself with that domestic coat that you mostly put on for winter weathers… enjoying the winter season in style.


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