Youth Day in South Africa, Today.

Being young South Africans in the modern day, we are granted a lot of opportunities. This means that it’s our responsibility to plant fruitful seeds for our future, so you see, my priorities remind me why I am one of the thousands and thousands of youngsters who push for an excellent tomorrow, each day.

One of the most exciting perks of being young is looking forward to the future, we are an inventive, intelligent generation and of course, see things differently from our parents. Living in the now does not necessarily erase the apartheid era, it will remain at the back of a lot of people’s minds, and some may have ‘let it all go’ and some not. But… let us face it, we are a Rainbow Nation, after all, this means that all races and cultures should come together as one. Youth day is a reminder that the young people in 1976 had fought for the quality of life that we are enjoying today, for that, it is vitally important to be grateful for such a sacrifice. In addition to that, June 16th is a day of courage, persistence and determination where High School learners took to the streets to rebel against a detrimental system. Sure, the day had ended in a hideous tragedy, but their legacy remains with us.

I think that what makes it hard for the youth to really take Youth Month seriously, as no joke, whatsoever, or recognise the importance of the month is how it is celebrated; you know, the mad parties and the drinking sprees kill the importance of the month as we are more focused on which party to go to than remembering the actual meaning of youth month due to what happened in the past. I mean, before going out to celebrate youth day or youth month, stop for a moment and ask yourself this, (myself included); would those fallen heroes be proud of what we have become as the youth, of how we are commemorating their lives? Are we thanking them fully in the best way that we can, for the privilege that we now have based on what they had suffered on our behalf? Let that sink in, because I think not.

So being young South Africans comes with a lot, working for what you desire is a job and a half, but all that I know is that, it is very much worth it. I know that this is true because the beauty of June 16 is a day to give thanks, and to remember the uniqueness of the day.


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